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What Tasks Do I Have to Perform in Bakers Basin Road Test? How to Pass it?

 Preparing for your Bakers Basin DMV road test can feel daunting, but knowing exactly what tasks you’ll need to perform can help you approach the day with confidence. Here at Jersey Drive Driving School we help you pass your road test in the first attempst. Here’s a straightforward checklist of the key driving skills you will be assessed on:


  1. Parallel Parking
  2. Three Point Turn Key
  3. Smooth Stopping & Proper 
  4. Stopping at signs and observing right-of-way.
  5. Smooth stopping and proper steering.
  6. Reversing for a specified distance.
  7. Turning
  8. Following Distance

On the test day you need to arrive 15 minutes early before the test atleast. You need to sit in your car and your documents along with your car will be checked in your lane by a specialist (SKIP). Furthermore it is important to know that if you are below 21 you need to do complete 6 month of driving practice under supervison, if you are 21 or above 3 months of driving supervsion is mandatory and for Non GDL, 20 days of driving supervision is mandatory (NJ GOV). These components are crucial for demonstrating your driving competence and ensuring you are prepared for the variety of situations you’ll encounter on the road test, throughout the road test preparation service our expert trainers will guide you about test registeration and other rules you should keep in mind.

We Provide Service for Bakers Basin Road Test Preparation 


At Jersey Drive Driving Schools, we are committed to ensuring our students are fully prepared for the Bakers Basin road test. Our comprehensive training approach includes:

Personalized Driving Lessons: 

Tailored to meet your individual needs and focus on the areas where you need the most improvement.

Mock Tests: 

Simulating the Bakers Basin DMV road test to give you a clear idea of what to expect on the actual test day. Along with that we have online practice test on our site that we ask you to do it yourself to test your learning before the test day.

Vision Test:

Mandatory for people under 21, we provide vision test service which is free with our 6 hours driving course.


Flexible Scheduling: 

Offering lessons at various times throughout the week to accommodate your busy schedule.

Experienced Instructors: 

Our certified instructors are knowledgeable about the specific requirements of the Bakers Basin DMV road test and provide constructive feedback.

Vehicle Provision: 

If needed, we can provide a fully inspected and test-ready vehicle for your road test. 

What Do I Need to Take with Me for Bakers Basin Road Test?

To ensure that your road test appointment at the Bakers Basin DMV goes smoothly, make sure you bring the following items:

Valid Learner’s Permit:

Your current permit which must be valid on the day of the test.

6 Points of ID Verification:

Include documents that prove your identity, such as a birth certificate, passport, and a school ID with a transcript.

Valid Vehicle Registration:

The registration document for the vehicle you will be using in the test.

Valid Insurance Card for the Vehicle:

Proof of current insurance for the vehicle.

Accompanying Licensed Driver:

A driver with a valid New Jersey driver’s license, aged 21 or over, who has been licensed for at least three years.

Inspected Vehicle:

The vehicle used must have passed inspection and be in good working condition, with all equipment functioning properly.

Double-check that you have all these items as you prepare for your test day to avoid any last-minute issues.

Our goal at Jersey Drive Driving Schools is to equip you with the skills and confidence needed to successfully pass your Bakers Basin DMV road test. With our expert guidance and your dedication, passing the road test will be within reach. Apart from Bakers Basin, Mercer County, we are also available for your road test preparation, vision test for driving, drivers permit, and driving lesson in Middlesex County, Monmouth County and Camden County aswell.

bakers basin road test preparation by jersey drive driving school

Road Test Package (2)

Prepare thoroughly for your road test with our comprehensive package, featuring a refresher course and access to a dedicated vehicle for examination, ensuring confidence and readiness on test day.


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Free Permit with your 6 hours Permit Practice.
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